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See better. Operate smarter.


Considering that APL exclusively employs top-notch tech, you can get real-time visibility across all of our fleets. You are the best if you use the best.

At the APL Repair Shop we go above and beyond in assuring your truck’s smooth and efficient operation. We operate a dedicated repair shop with a team of certified mechanics, with over 65 years of cumulative experience to insure your trucks' maintenance is maintained, minimizing breakdowns and down-time.

At APL Cargo Inc. our focus and foundation is the strong family commitment we have to help our drivers achieve their business goals by offering them quality equipment, at reasonable rates. We accomplish this goal by providing attractive leasing and rental programs, tailored to every client’s needs.

At APL Cargo, we work hard to efficiently reach each destination and provide our clients with the best possible service. Our dispatchers play a crucial role in accomplishing these objectives. These professionals are available around-the-clock to assist all of our clients and drivers. They are knowledgeable in their line of work.

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Excellence in Execution

When people think of APL Cargo, they think of EXCELLENCE. We continue to be successful by incorporating efficiency into our processes and being dedicated to maintaining strong relationships with each and every customer.

Coverage of Routes

Simply put - APL Cargo goes everywhere. Our state-of-the-art terminals in cities across the country allow our drivers to travel the road comfortably and efficiently while getting your freight to its destination safely and on time.

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